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Frank Cathey

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47   48    

3.The group of wires that are used to send data to the CPU for processing.
5.A peripheral component that allows data from the System Unit to be displayed to the user.
8.The standardized design of computer components to allow the separate components to fit together.
11.A condition where the PSU sends a constant electrical signal to the motherboard so pushing a button on the computer case tells the motherboard to turn the computer on or off.
12.The main microchip used for processing data in a computer system. The brain of the computer.
13.a person who writes programs for computers
15.A type of network cable that uses light instead of electricity.
17.A CPU that has pins which go into holes in the CPU socket.
18.relating to heat.
20.The main circuit board in a system unit, to which all other components connect
24.Electricity that flows at the same voltage consistently, as from a battery or as found inside a computer (5vDC)
25.a component that temporarily stores small amounts of data so it can be processed by the CPU.
26.A document containing information about the hazards and proper handling and disposal of a substance or chemical.
30.A single core CPU acting like a multi-core processor.
31.A CPU that has contacts that make contact with pins that are built into the CPU socket.
32.An analog display monitor used for computer output.
33.a card-shaped component that snaps into a motherboard slot to expand the ability of the computer.
35.Able to be easily carried or moved.
38.The combination of the wires between the CPU and the MCC and RAM
39.Any component of a computer system that connects to the System Unit.
42.The flow of electricity through a conductive medium such as a wire. It is measured in Amps (20A).
44.a device that generates an intense beam of light.
45.A component that absorbs heat.
46.Any component that allows data to be taken out of the System Unit
48.A group of wires
49.The group of wires between the CPU core and the CPU cache memory
1.A small amount of very fast memory used to store data currently being processed. (L1, L2, L3 cache in CPU. Hard Drive might have cache)
2.The small, usually black and square or rectangle shaped, component that contains sensitive electronics.
4.The central component of a computer system, containing the processing and storage components
6.a program running in memory
7.The design of a component so that it is unique to the company selling it. (a Samsung charger wont fit a Motorola phone)
9.A computer component that is replaced instead of repaired.
10.A part from a computer system.
14.The strength of electrical current, measured in Volts (120V).
16.A danger or risk.
19.times per second
20.The chip used by the CPU to obtain data from particular addresses in RAM
21.Input/Output devices that are built into the motherboard.
22.the amount of power required to run a device, or the amount of power that a PSU can produce to run devices. (60W) (formula: W=VxA).
23.The release of static electricity when two objects come into contact.
27.The quartz oscillator that controls the pace of electrical signals on the different buses.
28.A temporary storage location for data waiting to be processed
29.Any component that allows data to be put into the System Unit
34.Electricity that alternates quickly between a negative and a positive charge, as found coming from a wall outlet(120vAC)
36.The group of wires between the CPU and the Memory Controller Chip (MCC).
37.A computer component that converts and regulates 110v AC to various DC voltages used in the computer.
40.The federal agency that oversees the safety of a workplace environment.
41.A type of CPU socket that opens up to allow a CPU to be installed with no force.
43.A voltage output circuit in a PSU
47.a computer component used to permanently store large amounts of data

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