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What was entertaining in the 20s and 30s?

Elly W., Joyce Y., and Jessie W.

This is a crossword. Because crosswords were entertaining in the 20s and 30s.

1         2       3
  4         5
7 8         9   10  
11     12                  
18       19      

1.What you're doing right now.
4.Woman wore their hair like this!
6.... "OHHH YEAAAH." (Hint: What the slogan of this famous drink is.)
8.Video killed the "-----" star.
12.Seven little dudes are with her.
13."God." is now used. Exclamation of surprise/disgust/amazement.
14.It's like normal skating, but it's not on ice.
16.Pants were "----"-cut.
17.A type of music that has beats you want to snap your fingers to.
18.A ball attached to a string. Sort of.
20.Trendy coats were made of this animal's skin!
21.A famous silent movie actor and comedian. Famously known by his bowler hat and mustache.
22.A Chinese puzzle game.
23.Puzzles with many pieces that fit together.
2.The lion, the scarecrow, and the tin man.
3.A famous television show for hockey that is still running today!
5.Fashionable young women.
7.You chew it and you blow bubbles.
9.Ice cream on a stick.
10.A brand of dolls that were very popular!
11.A dance that you had to know to be cool.
15.Jokes in which you hit a door. Then someone replies. Then you say something. Then they say, "--- who?" and then you say the punchline and hopefully they laugh.
19.A movie about vampires (No... not Twilight.)

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