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What did you learn in your lesson today?

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This puzzle was specifically created for you and the others in your lesson. You should know every answer on this worksheet, however if you do not please skip it and ask Blueberry about it at your next lesson. This will not be graded, its only purpose is to inform your instructor what they need to elaborate on when teaching your lessons and for you as the rider to learn in the process and have fun!

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2.___ _________ is the action the rider uses when asking their horse to move off of their leg. (2 Words)
4.the ____ _______ is the position the rider gets into just before and over a jump in oreder to bring the majority of their weight on to the horses shoulders (where they carry their weight). (2 Words)
5.the ______ is the part of the saddle that ropers use to tie the end of their lasso to after lassoing a steer (cow).
6.___________ is a type of riding that is done without a saddle and that takes a significant amount of skill and balance in order to move and stay with the horse.
7.________ is the action of turning around in the opposite direction in order to work your horses opposing muscles.
9.an ________ saddle is mostly used for precision and agility sports such as: jumping, dressage, cross country, etc.
11.the _______ is the part of the saddle that acts as a barrier to keep the riders bottom from liding out the back of the saddle; on the english saddle this part is just as evident.
12._______ is the part of the saddle that the rider sits on.
17.the __________ is the part of the saddle that sits in front of the rider and is the start of the tree of the saddle; this is what the rider is supposed to grab with their right hand when mounting and dismounting their horse.
18.the _________ is the part of the saddle that the rider rests their boot in.
20.the ______ is the rhythmic movement used by the rider at the trot to help the rider sit a bouncier trot.
21.______ is the tallest horse in your barn.
22.the _________ is the equipment needed on a horses head in order to steer and stop them.
23.a _____ is a classification of horse that is less than 14.2 hands tall at full height.
25.the ______ is the part of the saddle that acts like a belt and is used to securely attach the saddle to the horses back.
1.the _________ _____ is the line made from the riders ears, shoulders, hips, down to their heels. (2 Words)
3.the _______ is the fastest gate allowed by a rider at Camp Sycamore Hills Horse Barn; it has three beats where the horse leads with one leg, carries with two and pushes with the last leg.
6._________ is a western style event that requires the horse and rider to gallop around three barrels in a clover pattern in the fastest time.
8.the _____ is a unique gate that some TN Walkers exhibit; it has two beats like the trot but the difference is that their legs move in parallel pairs.
10.the ________ is the fastest speed a horse can go; it has four beats where the horse is suspended in the air then one hoof at a time makes contact with the ground and pushes off.
13.the _______ is the slowest gate a horse can do; it has four beats and only one foot leaves the ground at a time.
14.__________ is a english style event that requires the horse and rider to approach an obstacle (a jump) at a previously stated gate and jump over and land it in a graceful manner.
15.the _____ is the next gate up from the walk; it has two beats and their legs move in diagonal pairs.
16.a __________ saddle is mostly used for trail riding as well as some agility sports such as: barrel racing, reining, roping, poles, etc.
19.________ is the shortest horse in your barn.
24.the ____ is the part of the bridle that goes into the horses mouth.

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