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Maintaining the Balance

vince ingrati

terms in HSC topic

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2.microscopic tubules which make up the functional units of the mammalian kidney
5.organism that changes its body temperature byusing heat from the environment; plants
7.the movement of water from where it is in high concentration to where it is in low concentration through a selectively permeable membrane
8.conditions at which enzymes work best; includes temperature and pH
9.the elimination of harmful and unwanted products of metabolism
10.hormonal system that produces internal secretions which act upon organs
13.liquid part of the blood, making up around 55% in humans, in which materials are dissolved
14.group of cells which divide to form new xylem and phloem cells
17.the energy necessary to start a chemical reaction
22.structural change in proteins
23.the amount of a substance in a specific amount of a mixture or solution.
24.fragments of cells found in the blood which are involved in the clotting process
26.maintenance of metabolic / physiologicalfunctions in response to variations in the enviroinment
29.increase in the diameter of blood vessels to increase blood flow
30.the tendency in an organism towards maintenance of physiological stability
31.a unit of inheritance, usually part of a specific DNA molecule (chromosome)
1.the capsule at the end of the vertebrate kidney
3.a special surface for gaseous exchange
4.a bunch of capillaries found in the vertebrate of Kidney
6.a highly specialised cellular protein that reduces the amount of energy required to initiate a chemical reaction, thereby increasing the speed of reaction;
11.microscopic blood vessel with walls one cell
12.the control of body water and salt levels
15.decrease in the diameter of blood vessels to decrease blood flow
16.an enzyme found in the stomachs of mammals (especially young),
18.animal that regulates its body temperature us heat generated by its metabolism; mainly birds and mammals
19.evaporation of water from the leaf surfaces of plants
20.blood vessel which returns blood to the heart
21.area in the brain which acts to integrate the endocrine and nervous systems in homeostatic control of many body functions
23.smallest unit of life capable of reproducing itself
25.an organ involved in excretion and osmoregulation
27.environmental or surrounding
28.a waste product containing 2% urea

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