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Crossword 5 nurse 116

2 3          
5         6   7  
  8 9   10    
  14 15                          

2.This type of change is well organized.
5.This person wrote a short story about "the idea of transition as an in-between place poignantly".
12.This urges and motivates you to do something.
15.This tries to hold you back and keep you from doing something.
16.This is ability to get people to see and recognize that a change is needed for progress.
1.Planned change often comes from a committee or an ______ group.
3.If you don't do this "you likely will feel debilitating fatique, and your energy for excellent work will be depleted".
4.Had the theory of the three phases of change
6.You use these skills to allow you to work well with others, to teach and explain, and implement change.
7.Changing from one phase of life to another.
8.Implementing the change.
9.What type of change has an outcome that is unsure?
10.Unbalanced feeling.
11.This is the final stage of change.
13.Without this healthcare would still have nurses sharpening and sterilizing needles to reuse them.
14.All transitions evoke this feeling.

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