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Stargirl Crossword

By:Jerry Spenilli

characters and events from the book Stargirl.

1 2         3
  4 5 6                       7  
  9 10                                    
11                     12
      13                               14   15
17           18   19              
  20           21                 22        
    25               26
              31 32        
33 34                 35        
36             37                      
  38             39  
40                             41        
42                   43 44          
  46     47                        
    49     50                
      52 53       54        
57               58        

1.Stargirl did this for Leo.
6.Who is the boy Stargirl made the scrapbook for ?
10.What was the date scheduled for stargirl's Hotseat.
11.wha was the game whee the electrons lost miserably?
13.She was the captin of the cheerleading team and she asked stargirl to be on the team.
16.what was the name of Susan's first speech.
17.Who was the old man that taught anything?
19.What did Stargirl tell Leo when he asked her where her office was?
20.She is the main character.
23.Who did Stargirl sing happy birthday to on the 2nd day of school.
24.He got into a bicycle accident.
27.Who was the teacher that drove Stargirl and Leo to the contest?
29.Who almost dropped stargirl' pet rat off the staircase?
30.What type of bussiness did Stargirl want to run.
32.He was the camera guy and the camera.
34.Who gave Leo the porcupine necktie?
36.He was the host of hotseat.
37.This is where Stargirl became popular again.
40.The author of the book.
42.Stargirl's house was ______.
44.Stargirl's skirts were always very____.
45.A extinct bird that use to be the largest bird to walk the earth.
47.Who asked Leo "Who's affection do you value more hersor the others?"
48.Stargirl would _____ happy birthday at lunch.
50.What was Mica high School's basketball team name?
51.Stargirl was the _______ girl in school.
53.What was the name of the town's newspaper?
55.What did stargirl use to express her feelings?
56.He was the sun Valley's star player.
57.What did Susan try to become?
58.What was the lowest number of pebbles stargirl had ?
2.What is the name of the school talkshow.
3.What magazine did Wayne Parr want to be on the cover of?
4.Stargirl would give little ____ on holidays.
5.Stargirl cheered for _____ things to.
7.How many rocks were in her wagon after she turned into susan.
8.The contest Stargirl competed in.
9.What did Stargirl get for Leo's Fourtenth birthday?
12.The name of the club made after Stargirl.
14.He wanted to be a model.
15.What was the dance Stargirl did at the Octillo Ball?
18.Where did Leo move to?
21.Stargirl danced in the ____.
22.Who was the senior that grandfather passed away.
23.Who was the senior that grandfather died.
25.How long did Stargirl follow a person to decided what type of card they deserved?
26.What type of school was stargirl going to before she went to mica.
28.The club that was made after Stargirl.
31.What in the newspaper did Stargirl love to read?
33.The founder of this club was Stargirl.
35.She was Stargirl's bestfriend.
38.The main setting of the story.
39.What is the name of Stargirl's pet rat?
41.He was called Starboy.
43.What did Danny get instead of a new bike?
46.What did stargirl compare a name to?
49.whart was thrown in stargirl's face at the game.
52.Sun Valley's star player.
53.Where did Stargirl and Leo follow The woman to see what type of card she needed.
54.What grade was stargirl in?

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