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Test 3 Review

Mr. Kane, Mr. White and Ms. Taylor

1 2 3 4 5
6                     7                                                
8                       9  
10                                         11  
15                             16 17        
      18 19          
20             21        
  22         23                            
25           26                     27        
  31           32          
      33           34  
  35             36                    
    41         42              
43                             44                
45                 46                        

6.large and willing workforce, a lot of resources, and the idea of Laissez-Faire was part of the rise of this?
7.a labor union started by Samuel Gompers, in which pushed for specific groups on wages, and work hours.
8.This is the location to where most immigrants came through on the Pacific Coast.
10.When somone buys all parts of the production of a product to create a monopoly it is known as this.
12.This is the man who used electricity to invent the light bulb
13.This is the person who invented the telephone
15.The belief of "survival of the fittest," where the lazy would remain poor, while the driven and most able would prosper.
23.This is the process in which iron is made stronger and turned into Steel
25.This man created and controled the Steel Buisness (out of Pittsburg, PA)
28.This attempted to limit chinese immigrants from coming into the US.
30.This person who owned monoplies would cut wages, cut the cost of resources, and buy out other companies.
31.This protected water, provided cheap recreation, and an excape from the City life.
35.This is a strike in Chicago in which a bomb was thrown into a crowd of police, and made Americans not turst Labor Unions.
38.Having to pay to vote is known as this.
40.Because of Skyscrappers, this was invented to help reach the top.
41.This person created cartoons that critized Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall.
43.This group had trouble achieving their goals because the Government sill supported Big Business.
44.this was a place that provided low cost housing, however, it was usually over populated.
45.This was an African American female that pushed for equal rights of African Americans.
46.This refers to the specific aspects of a society that all classes participates in (Amusment parks, Sporting Events, News papers.)
47.The term related to stopping the abuse of alcohol, like seen through the Women's Christian ______ Union.
1.Many immigrants passing through Angel Island were from this Continent.
2.a union in which anyone could join and work for reforms (also wanted to replace capitalism with socialism.)
3.In 1883 this ended the spoils system of granting jobs to friends, it would be done by merit from now on.
4.When somone combines the same type of businesses into one company it is known as this.
5.This is the person who wrote stories about the glories of the American Dream.
9.This was created to stop the formation or break up Monopolies/trusts
11.This president was assinated over a jobs dispute
14.Having to prove you can read to vote, is having to pass this?
16.Poor sanitation, fire hazards, and a rise of crime were all this of Urbanization?
17.The mass purchasing of goods to keep up with the standards of living (Keeping up with the Jones.)
18.Boss-Worker negotiations is often refered to as this. (often for pay or conditions)
19.This is a place where immigrants were taught english and the American customs.
20.a railroad strike due to cuts in wages, while the price of everything else in the city went up.
21.This is where one tries (or does) to absorb one culture into their own.
22.This was a strike for Steelworkers that cut their influence due to the violence that came from cutting of wages.
24.The rapid growth and movement to the cities is known as this. (like rural & southern areas.)
26.This was one of the first amusment parks that provided entertainment for those in the cities.
27.Plessy vs. Ferguson said that this was legal within the US.
29.This is another name for a buisness in which investors (or shareholders) are all share ownership of the company
32.war, discrimination and crop failures were all part of this... leading to mass immigration in the U.S.?
33.The new wave of this were all people from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and China.
34.Robber Barons or "Captains of Industry" included Vanderbuilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and this person.
36.This is the location to where most immigrants came through on the Atlantic Coast.
37.an economic system in which people invest in a buisness (or start) in order to make a profit.
39.This "person" and political machine caused political corruption which became mainstream in the US.
42.This is where upper classes moved to to escape the over population of the Urban lifestyle.

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