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William Armstrong

Crossword Puzzle

1 2       3   4        
  6     7
8                   9
11               12        
13               14          

1.this is where the mom goes to worship the Lord
5.type of nut the mom gathers for extra money
6.Sounder was named this due to his?
8.where the boy remembers seeing curtains
10.the boy wished he could do this
11.the father is this (does for a living)
13.who shot Sounder
14.mood of this novel so far
15.coon dog in our story
2.this was what the boy found of Sounders
3.type of loneliness the boy feels
4.what the father stole from the big house
7.what the mom picks out of the walnuts
9.You Gotta Walk the Lonesome ?
12.where was the boy going to put Sounders ear?

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