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Plant Propagation Chapter 5

M Lamontagne

Term at the beginning of the chapter

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  3 4
  5 6        
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14             15                

1.white cambium tissue that forms at a wound
6.plant genetically identical to the parent plant
9.sugar based gel derived from certain algae
12.fungus disease that rots a seedling at soil line (2 Words)
13.transferring genes from one species to another (2 Words)
14.form of grafting using a scion reduced to a single bud
15.reducing water and temperature to prepare a plant for transplanting (2 Words)
2.reproduction of new plants from leaves, stems, or roots (2 Words)
3.short piece of stem with 2 or more buds
4.propagation method involving seeds (2 Words)
5.exposing seeds to moisture and temperatures between 32 and 50 degrees to break dormancy
7.breaking or softening a seed coat
8.planting vegetable or flower seed directly into the soil outdoors (2 Words)
10.method of asexual propagation in which roots form an the parent plant stem while still attaced to the parent
11.connecting 2 plants or plant parts to form a new plant

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