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Cyclone and Crew Crossword

Cinder/Cyclone mod

Do you know everyone on Cyclone's blog? If you have a tumblr, Cyclone's url to his blog is cyclonepokemontrainer.tumblr.com He has only abut 12 followers. He needs as much as cinder- who has over 100! Also, if you go onto Cyclone's blog and give me anon hate, I will shut off anon. And sorry if I don't answer your questions right away, but I'm grounded at home.

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1.Mother to Cyclone and Cynthia; is a queen
7.Trip Jr's twin
8.A young, half blind pokemon trainer
9.a female dragon master who used to travel with Ash
11.Honey's dead mother
12.Trip Jr's and Topaz's mother
13.Cyclone's rival; can be rude (2 words)
2.a blind, shiny female Eevee
3.Father to Cyclone and Cynthia; is a king
4.A female pidove belonging to Cyclone
5.A half blind pokemon professor who is mean to everyone
6.Pokemon professor and breeder in-training; Cyclone's cousin
10.Honey's father; has a demon and mew form
13.Father to Trip Jr and Topaz; unova champion
14.A red haired girl with no set personality

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