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Pompeii Glossary


You need to have recorded the terms/concepts into your glossary to crack this one!

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1.Roman guardian spirits of the house and fields
6.A way of recording through photography and measured drawing the different layers observed in an archaeological excavation
7.Pumice and ash expelled from the crater (Phase 1)
8.The covered forecourt in a Roman house
9.Known as the "glowing cloud"; hot gas and other volcanic fragments (Phase 2)
10.Volcanic glass full of air cavities and lightweight
12.A cloak
14.House of a wealthy Roman
15.Roman general who became emperor before the eruption of Vesuvius
17.Roman washing and dyeing workshops
19.Latin for marketplace or town square
20.Shallow pool used to collect rainwater
25.One of the common people in ancient Roman society
26.Scientist who specialises in the study of volcanoes
29.Council made up of members of the same trade or industry
30.Two men who operated as co-mayors of Pompeii for one year
31.God of fire and volcanoes
32.Latin for public baths
2.Relating to an earthquake or earth vibration
3.Household shrine dedicated to the lares
4.Scientist who specialises in the study of the physical remains of ancient humans
5.Warlike, Latin people who occupied central Italy during the 5th century BC
11.Extreme decrease on oxygen in the body with an increase in carbon dioxide
13.A semicircular recess at the end of a public building
16.Greek word meaning 'City of the Dead'
18.Opening in the roof located directly above the impluvium to provide light and allow rainwater to fall
21.Small solidified fragments of lava
22.Group of Gods belonging to a society
23.Meeting place; place of justice
24.Roman surveying term for north-south streets in a Roman town
27.A pipe or channel designed to transport water from a remote source
28.One of two chief magistrates elected to serve for one year

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