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Biology Quarter One Review


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6.A characteristic of living things that allows for maintaining a stable internal environment
10.The variable controlled or changed by the experimenter (manipulated)
12.The site of protein synthesis in the cell
13.The variable that changes as a result of the independent variable (responding)
16.The total magnification when you are on high power (10x X 40x)
17.Cells that have a true nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
18.A layer around plant cells that gives extra support and rigidity
19.A chemical reaction where water is added to break down polymers into monomers
21.Organelle that is the site of cellular respiration (making the cell's energy)
22.The microscopes that we most often use in biology. They contain 3 objective lenses and range from 40-400x
26.Cells that lack a true nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
27.Type of bond where two or more atoms share electrons
28.The organelle that serves as a storage reservoir for water and food
29.The organelle that packages the cell's proteins for export
30.Special proteins that speed up chemical reactions
32.Organelle in plant cells that is the site for photosynthesis
34.A macromolecule made up of Amino Acids linked together by peptide bonds
35.Scientist that made an early microscope and saw living cells
37.Scientist that made an early microscope and named cells
38.The layer around the cell that controls what enters and leaves
41.A characteristic of life in which organisms start off small and then over time _____
42.The basic units of life
43.A common polysaccharide serving as an intermediate storage (found in potatoes)
1.Electrons in the outer most shell (are the same for each atom in the same column on the periodic table)
2.The large adjustment knob for focusing on low power
3.The smaller adjustment knob used for focusing on high power
4.A characteristic of life where organisms make more of themselves (Sexual or Asexual)
5.Variables in the experiment that stay the same (controlled)
7.Type of bond where valence electrons are transferred causing an attraction of positive and negative atoms
8.An educated guess stated before the experimental procedure
9.A molecule that contains Carbon is said to be ______.
11.Macromolecule that functions in genetic information and protein synthesis
14.A chemical reaction that links monomers together to form polymers. Water is lost as a byproduc
15.1.The cell is the basic unit of life 2.All living things are made of cells 3.All cells come from cells
20.An example of a Nucleic Acid
22.One type of macromolecule that functions for short term energy
23.A common monosaccharide (simple sugar) C6H12O6 used by cells for Energy
24.A whip-like tail found on some cells for movement
25.The number of Amino acids found in nature
31.The base unit that when linked together will form a polymer
33.Russian physician who noted that all cells come from pre-existing cells
34.Sub atomic particles with a positive charge, determines the atomic number
36.All living things need materials for _________.
39.A macromolecule known commonly as fats and oils
40.Little hair-like projections on some cells

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