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SIERRA W 10/26/12

learning about the inside an outside of the sun and the names of the part of the sun

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5.On earth spectacular effect of the interaction between the solar wind and earths magnetosphere is the appearance in the sky of bands of light.
10.The outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere ,also can be called the crown.
11.The innermost layer of the solar atmosphere,also means sphere of light.
13.The process of combining nuclei of small atoms to form more massive nuclei,fusion occurs inside the sun. (2 Words)
14.Above the photosphere lies ___ or color sphere,this is a thin layer of gases that glows with reddish light .
1.The magnetic fields that cause sunspots also create great clouds of glowing gases.
2.On earth they need __ to keep going threw the day .
3.The most violent of all solar disturbances,a sudden outward eruption of electrically charge particles. (2 Words)
4.On earth they use __ to warm up also to warm up other things such as food and etc.
6.The suns atmosphere,the energy produced in the core moves through two zones interior, the zone surrounding the core. (2 Words)
7.The cool dark areas of gas within the photosphere that are like black dots or holes on the sun.
8.On earth they use __ to be able to see at night or to se in a dark room.
9.Surrounding the radiation zone is the __ where temperatures are about 2,00,000c. (2 Words)
12.At the center of the sun,makes up 25% of the sun's total diameter.

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