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Midterm Exam

D Landretti

Criminal Law and Procedure Pre-Midterm Exam Puzzle

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          41 42                              

4.The crime of making a false written instrument or materially altering a written instrument (such as a check, promissory note, or college transcript) with the intent to defraud.
8.Because statutes are necessary written in general language, legislation often requires judicial _____________
9.The authority of a court to hear and decide certain categories of legal disputes
10.The crime of intentionally burning someone else’s house or building-now commonly extended to other property as well
11.To convict a person of a crime, a court must find that person guilty _____________ (4 Words)
13.An enclosed space surrounding a dwelling
14.The most frequently charged inchoate offense is
15.Powers explicitly granted to governments by their constitutions. (2 Words)
17.The prosecution usually attempts to establish _________ by introducing evidence bearing on the defendant’s motive and state of mind
18.In contrast to Roman law systems, which are based on legal codes, the English common law developed primarily through (2 Words)
20.To convict a person of a crime, the prosecution must prove that an actus reus occurred with a concurrent (2 Words)
22.A wrongful act (2 Words)
23.The crime of taking money or property from a person against that person’s will by means of force or intimidation
24.An assault committed with a dangerous weapon or with intent to commit a felony (2 Words)
25.The doctrine of deciding cases based on precedent (2 Words)
27.A generally applicable law enacted by a legislature
29.A minor offense usually punishable by fine or imprisonment for less than one year
31.Property that has physical form, substance, and value in itself (2 Words)
32.Actions that physically, mentally, or morally endanger the welfare of a child (2 Words)
33.Knowingly receiving possession and control of person property belonging to another with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of possession of such property (3 Words)
37.The power of courts of law to review governmental acts and declare them null and void if they are found to be unconstitutional (2 Words)
38.The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (3 Words)
42.The parent of the country (2 Words)
43.A cause that in a natural, continuous sequence, unbroken by any intervening causes, produces the consequences that occur (2 Words)
44.An agreement between a defendant and a prosecutor whereby the defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for some concession (2 Words)
45.The attempt or threat to inflict bodily injury upon another person
46.The branch of the criminal law that deals with the process by which crimes are investigated, prosecuted, and punished (3 Words)
47.The unlawful use of force against another person that entails some injury or offensive touching
48.Also known as breaking and entering
49.Following or placing a person under surveillance and threatening that person with bodily harm, sexual assault, confinement, or restraint
1.The element of compulsion in such crimes against persons as rape and robbery
2.Writ, or an order issued by a court of law requiring the performance of some specific act, that is issued by an appellate court to grant discretionary review of a case decided by a lower court (3 Words)
3.At common law, the crime of injuring someone so as to render that person less able to fight
5.The doctrine that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and that all actions and policies of the government must be consistent with it (2 Words)
6.Ordinarily the law cannot criminalize a person’s
7.When authorized by state constitutions or acts of state legislatures, cities and many counties may adopt __________ that define certain criminal violations
8.A document filed by a prosecutor under oath charging one or more persons with commission of a crime
12.A battery committed by use of an instrument designed to inflict great bodily harm on the victim (2 Words)
13.Voluntarily yielding to the will or desire of another person
16.The crime of obtaining money or property through misrepresentation (2 Words)
19.Guilty mind (2 Words)
21.The branch of the criminal law that defines criminal offenses and defenses and specifies criminal punishments (3 Words)
26.Actual possession exists when a person has something under his or her direct physical control. _____________ possession is a more difficult concept because it is based on a legal fiction
28.A hearing in an appellate court in which all or a majority of the judges participate. (3 Words)
30.The strict liability offense of having sexual intercourse with a minor, irrespective of the minor’s consent (2 Words)
34.The crime of using a position of trust or authority to transfer or convert the money or property of another to oneself
35.Evil in itself (3 Words)
36.Sexual intercourse by force and against the will of the victim (2 Words)
39.the constitutional distribution of government power and responsibility between the national government and the states
40.A serious crime for which a person may be imprisoned for more than one year
41.Elements of a crime (2 Words)

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