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Fraction, Decimal, Percent Vocab

Jonathan Green

This puzzle help learn the decimal,fraction and percent vocab words.

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  8                             9

1.A fraction with all common factors, other than 1, factored out of the numerator and denominator. (2 Words)
7.A reference number that can be used to estimate the size of other numbers.
8.A number that is infinite non repeating decimal and cannot be a simple fraction. (2 Words)
11.A decimal that ends. (2 Words)
12.A decimal with a pattern of digits that repeat over and over. (2 Words)
13.A part of a fraction that stands for the number of equal parts a whole is divided into.
14.The part of a fraction that stands for how many parts of a whole that are included in the fraction.
2.Fractions that are equal in value, but may have different numerators and denominators. (2 Words)
3.The sum of a whole number and a fraction. (2 Words)
4.A number that stands for a part of a whole.
5.A fractional number that is indicated by digits after a period which is called a decimal point.
6.A fraction that has a numerator that is greater than or equal to the denominator. The value is greater than or equal to 1. (2 Words)
9.A number that can be written as a simple fraction or a terminating or a repeating decimal. (2 Words)
10.Part of 100. A ratio that compares a number to 100.

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