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Bone Formation and Bone Growth

By: Melannie and Emily

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2.Deposition of calcium salts.
7.Vessel that supplies blood to the inner surface of epiphyseal cartilage.
8.There is ______ types of ossification.
9.Bone formation, bone growth.
12.Vessels enter the bone through round passageways called _____. (2 Words)
13.The process of replacing other tissue with bone.
14.In Intramembraneous ossification the bone develops directly from ______.
16.Bones of the skeleton have an extensive blood supply, therefore osseous tissue is ____.
1.Type of ossification where the bone replaces the cartilage. (2 Words)
3.Periosteal vessels provide blood to the superficial ____.
4.During endochondral ossification blood vessels grow into the _____.
5.Type of cartilage that prevents bone to bone contact
6.Marrow cavities in the bone are created when _____ are removed. (2 Words)
10.Intramembranous ossification occurs in deeper layer of the _____.
11.Rich sensory innervations are the cause of ___ when there are injuries to the bone.
15.Small struts are also called _____.
17.Endochondral ossification happens in ___ steps.

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