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Movements in the 1960's

Billy Mech

Different movements that were happening in the 1960's.

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4.The city where Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1965.
6.Which President passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964? (2 Words)
9.Civil Rights leader assassinated in 1965 (2 Words)
14.A hippie, especially one advocating universal peace and love as antidotes to social or political ills. (2 Words)
15.In Loving v. Virginia the supreme court ruled that what was unconstitutional (2 Words)
1.This man had to send 5,000 federal troops to the University of Mississippi when the first black student attended.
2.In 1968 15,000 Americans held demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention in which city?
3.Which University held the first "teach-in" to examine America's Vietnam policy? (3 Words)
5.The birth control pill helped spark what? (2 Words)
7.This militant group was formed by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in 1966. (2 Words)
8.The Feminine Mystique was a critique of middle class patterns that helped women articulate a sense of discontent and was written by whom? (2 Words)
10.Name of speech given by Martin Luther King Jr in 1963 (4 Words)
11.During campus based protests male students would burn what? (2 Words)
12.Police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay friendly bar which sparked the _______ riots in 1969
13.Women wanted what in the work place? (2 Words)

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