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6   7  
8       9     10    
  11 12               13 14
15                 16            
19       20            
22                   23       24 25
27 28         29   30        
31                 32   33
  34           35           36
38                     39 40                  
    41   42                        
      44         45   46            
  47           48 49    
  50     51                
52           53          
54       55        

2.small evil green creature (starts with letter g)
4.some people have costume _________ with their friends
8.full _____
10.what a spider spins
12.Bell & Edward
15.opposite of day
16.halloween is an example of a _________
17.he hoots
18.doll in overalls
21.be safe but have ______
22.a grave or brand of pizza
23.dog treat
26.lives in Transylvania
28.book series by R. L. Stine
31.witches mode of transportation
34.stephen king movie featuring a clown
38.October 31st
40.dont let one of these cross your path
42.children say it to get candy
43.framework of bones
44.where bats live
45.scares crows
47.creepy crawly
51."________ horseman"
52.another word for fright
53.what ghosts say
54.face covering
55.trick or ____________
1.A Nightmare on ____ Street
2.a clove of this will keep vampires at bay
3.Halloween also known as "All ___________ Eve"
5.large orange fruit
6.________ maze
7.they howl
9.witch's big black pot
11.spirit or apparition
13.Halloween color (not orange)
14.________ corn
16._______ house
20.batman's ride
21.carry one of these to see in the dark
24.carved pumpkin
25.witches pet
27.a girl finds another world just like her own but better (or so she thinks)
29.vampires turn into them
30.they hid in your closet or under the bed
33.not ur daddy but ur _________
36.spiders have _________ legs
37.friendly ghost
39.I ___________ my classroom for the holiday
41.vampires sleep in these
43.witches cast these
44.you do this to a pumpkin
46.bob for ________
48.what did E. T. dress as for Halloween
49.I want to play a game (movie)
50.flying mammals

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