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Illuminated Manuscripts

Emily Martin

This Puzzle explores Illuminated Manuscript's origin and history.

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3.how were small mistakes corrected on parchment?
4.The material used for the pages of manuscripts in the middle ages. It is sometimes called parchment.
6.Another word to describe the small paintings within a manuscript.
8.Where the Bible was first put into a single volumn.
9.A very famous illuminated manuscript called the Book of Kells is located where?
11.The devision of the bible into chapters is usually credited to this individual.
13.Term that means decorated with reflective gold or silver that catches the light.
14.Most popular book of the middle ages
15.Gall nuts were used in creating what essential component of Illuminated manuscripts?
16.Making illuminated manuscripts required who to write the text?
20.Booksellers where exempt from what after 1307 if they were affiliated with the instituation that controlled the book trade?
1.The Illuminated initials in a book usually mark what in the paragraph or chapter?
2.These are used on the outside binding of a book to keep pressure on parchment so that they stay flat with weather changes.
5.A book that a priest would carry outside in the middle ages.
7.Making illuminated manuscripts required who to illustrate the text?
10.What instituation controlled the book trade in paris in 1300?
12.This term literally means "written by hand"
17.Another term for a book.
18.What is the "Codex Grandior" more commonly known as?
19.The system in which master copies of books were rented out in pieces to copy so that more copies could be made more quickly.

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