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1 2
3   4 5          
  6           7          
  9                             10
12 13       14              
  15 16                    

4.atoms that has same proton number but different number of neutron
6.reaction that produced carbon dioxide and water
9.reaction that containing oxidation and reduction simultaneously
11.ratio of number of solute moles to the total number of moles
13.equivalent of solute per liter of solution
16.mole of solute per one litre of solution
17.element that is harder ductile and shiny
18.the simplest ratio of atoms in a molecule
19.group of two or more substance
20.adding extra solvent to decrease the concentration of solution
21.electron in outermost shell
1.a person who discover an atom
2.anything that has mass and occupies space
3.how close the measurement in a series to each other
5.a body of techniques for investigating (experiment)
7.amount of product formed based on limiting reactant
8.table that containing all element in the Earth
10.property of atom is determine by the number of proton
12.amount of matter that contains as many object as the number of atom exactly 12.0g of carbon
14.the tiny particles
15.substance that can not be broken down

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