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Central Nervous System

D. Kelley

Structures and functions of the CNS

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1.(2 words) glistening white continuation of the brain stem
3.(2 words) the middle layer of meninges; weblike
6.part of the hindbrain; involved in producing smoothly coordinated skeletal muscle activity
11.plays a role in the regulation of body temperature, water balance, and metabolism
15.(2 words) the most superior part of the brain; a good deal larger than the other three brain regions combined
16.divisions of the cerebral hemisphere- named for the cranial bones that lie over them
18.the visual area is located in the posterior part of this lobe
20.also known as the interbrain; sits atop the brain stem and is enclosed by the cerebral hemispheres
21.(2 words) spinal cord canal which is surrounded by gray matter and contains CSF
22.elevated ridges of tissue in the cerebral hemispheres
23.deeper grooves in the cerebral hemispheres
2.(3 words) the deeper region of the cerebrum which is composed of fiber tracts and carries impulses to or from the cortex
4.(2 words) the outermost region of the cerebrum; also known as the cerebral cortex
5.(2 words) emotional-visceral brain which controls thirst, appetite, sex, pain and pleasure centers
7.(2 words) area that is very involved in our ability to speak
8.(2 words) a very large fiber tract that connects the cerebral hemispheres
9.(3 words) area that allows you to consciously move your skeletal muscles
10.(2 words) the inner most "delicate" layer of meninges; clings to the surface of the brain and spinal cord
12.(3 words) area that allows you to recognize pain, coldness, or light touch
13.(2 words) "islands" of gray matter buried deep within the white matter of the cerebral hemisphere that help regulate voluntary motor activities
14.(2 words) the most inferior portion of the brain stem; regulates visceral activities
15.(2 words) watery "broth" in the central nervous system; similar to blood plasma
17.(2 words) the portion of the brain consisting of the medulla, pons, and midbrain
19.(2 words) the outermost layer of meninges; tough, leathery layer

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