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Baseball Great

Ryan Cox

1         2   3
  5   6  
7           8       9          
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  20                     21    

1.Sometimes my brother gets on the bus.
7.The baseball team was a big for the championship.
9.I had , ketchup and mustard on my hot dog.
10.It was an when I fell in the cafeteria.
13.He put some in the school newspaper.
16.Some people will have lots of to be a doctor.
20.The baseball player had to go to a baseball .
22.The in front of their house had too much cars in it.
23.In the morning I don't have any .
24.The coach tweeted his when practice was done.
2.After he hit the walk-off single he was .
3.We all sat there on the watching football.
4.The walls were made of .
5.The boy was in class.
6.This morning I had to take some for my allergies.
8.My dad did not know the directions to his house.
11.If he is not a right-handed pitcher, he is a pitcher
12.When he grows up he wants to be an surgeon.
14.He had a laugh that sounded really deep.
15.I have to go to basketball tomorrow.
17.The football player went to the to be on the team.
18.He was out of when he got to third base.
19.That player is cheating because he is using .
21.In baseball when the pitcher throws the ball it is called a .

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