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The lock in crossword


This puzzle is about the short story by colin thiele. Write your awnsers in capital letters. Read it here: http://demo.ozlearn.com.au/c/n.pl? fid=1096091657&cgifunction=form This is for a school project.

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1.What jim bear used to get inside the house
2.What made jim bear want to have a hot bath
6.What jim was wearing at the end of the story.
7.The vegetable jim's father farms.
11.The main character's first name.
12.The name of the girl who nearly spotted jim
13.What jim bear was having when the cat interrupted.
15.Jim bear's best friend.
1.The number of police officers.
2.A game that the main character plays
3.The main character's neighbour.
4.Where jim's parents were when he was locked out
5.What indirectly caused the main character to be locked out
6.The people who chased the main character.
7.What the main character dried by the fire.
8.The main character's last name.
9.Jim bear's cat.
10.What jim tried to get back into the house through
13.Hogan's first name
14.What jim was wearing when he was locked out.

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