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3.The hack writer's worn-out cliches made his comic sketch seem ____.
7.Investigating before acting, she tried always to be ___.
8.The proctor's ____ instructions thoroughly confused us; we didn't know which columns we should mark and which we should leave blank.
9.My father loved to go out for a meal with ____ companions.
12.The founder of the Children's Defense Fund, Marian Wright Edelman, strongly ___ the lack of financial and moral support for children in America today.
14.The NBC sportscasters ____ every American victory in the Olympics and lamented every American defeat.
15.Bert had an ____ to yuppies; Alex had an ____ to punks.
16.AT he mall, mother grew impatient with Jo and Amy because they tended to ____ as they went from store to store.
17.As ____ as he seems today, that old lion was once a ferocious, snarling beast.
1.Jack can carry ____ too far: when he told Jill his honest opinion of her; she nearly slapped his face.
2.When Jill ____ that nobody else in the junior class had such an early curfew; her parents ____ them selves, telling her that if she didn't get home by nine o'clock, she would be grounded for the week.
4.This island is a colony; however, in most matters, it is _____ and receives no orders from the mother country.
5.The reform candidate _____ the corrupt city officials for having betrayed the public's trust
6.A firm believer in democratic government, she could not understand the ____ of people who never bothered to vote.
10.When Edward VIII ____ the British throne to marry the woman he loved, he surprised the entire world.
11.Nicholas was amazed by how ____ his now employer was.
13.Unlike the frail widow, who indulged her only son and ____ his mischievous behavior, the boy's stern uncle did nothing but scold.

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