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The Story of My Life

Helen Keller

1 2
3           4  
  6             7  
  8 9   10                
12                       13    
14 15                      
16   17                
      18 19                
20         21              
23                             24
25           26
      27         28           29  
32             33                    
34         35            

3.May, 1888. Visit to
6.Transfered to ___ School
9.Vacationed at
11.Favorite place to be
12.Helen's teacher
15.Offered to teach Helen to speak
19.October 1896, Entered ___ School for Young Ladies
20.June 27, 1880
22.Ms Sullivan and Helen became
23.October 1894, Attended ___ School for the Deaf
27.Began reading the
28.Threw very bad temper
31.Made Helen big doll of towels
32.Wrote __ throughout her time being away
33.Helen was most excited for
34.Taught using
35.March 3, 1887
1.Helen was very
2.Loved being on the
4.Helen was eager to
5.Difficulties for Helen began to
7.Month of illness
8.Arthur H. Keller
10.Visited Boston for
13.Traveled to ___ to visit doctors
14.First History lesson learned at
17.Spring of 1890, Helen learned to
18.Deaf and Blind
21.Summer of 1896
24.After war, moved to
25.Couldn't fix Helen
26.Read using
29.Kate Adams
30.Understood Helen's signs

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