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Legal Responsibilities

Kimberly Ratliff

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4.physical or verbal attack on another person , unlawful touching of another person
6.principles of good and bad conduct
8.obligations that are undrstood with out verbally expressed terms
10.providing improper care
13.ensures that all patints are informed of thier rights and hav the chanc to determine th care they will receive
14.contracts that are stated in distinct or clear terms
17.revealing personal infomation
19.slander or libel
20.a condiotion in which the person does not have legal capacity and therefore unable to enter into a legal agreement
23.restraining an individual
24.spoken comment that causes a person ridicule or contempt or damages the persons reputation
26.focuses on behavior known as crime deals with th wrongs against a person
27.failure to give care that is expected
1.a document that permits an individual to appoint another person to mak any decisions regaurding health car if th principal should be unabl to mak decisons
2.false writtn statment
3.factors of care that all patients can expect to receive
5.a legal document desugned to indicate a persons wishes regarding care in case of a terminal illness or during the dying process
7.privileged communications
9.authorized based on law
11.an agreement between two or more parties
12.not to be shared or told with anybody
15.focuses on the legal relationship between people
16.permission granted voluntarily by a person who is of sound mind and aware of all factors involed
18.any care that results inn physical harm or pain
21.a legal will stating a persons desires on what measures should be takn to prolong lif
22.a wrongful or illegal act of civil law not involving a contract
25.someone who has the POA to act as the represntive of another.

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