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SS 10 Chapter 2

1 2 3
      5 6      
  14 15     16
17 18                                
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4.This type of government would give Canada more say in its own governance
5.Also known as James Bruce, this Lord was charged with helping Canada achieve responsible government
7.Period of low economic activity and very high unemployment
9.Similar to everyone else
11.George Brown was leader of this more radical party in Canada West
13.Incorporating or taking over of one area by another. Canada was worried the Americans would try and do this.
18.System of government where bills had to get a majority vote in both Canada West and East in order to pass
19.The failure of the potato crops in Ireland in the 1840s which caused many to emigrate (leave)
21.These laws gave Canada and other British colonies preferential trading privileges with Britain
22.The army that won the American Civil War in 1865 (defeating the South)
24.Laws that set forth powers and responsibilities of the government and guarantee rights of the people
25.Modern day Ontario
26.George Etienne Cartier was leader of this 'parti', the most powerful in Canada East
27.This Church was the one most Canadians of British descent belonged to
1.Betrayal of one's country
2.This act was passed in London, England in 1866 creating the Dominion of Canada
3.This treaty had allowed goods to be traded with the US duty-free
6.Independent members of the Legislative Assembly, not tied to one political party or another
8.Louis-Joseph Papineau was leader of this 'parti' made up of French businessmen and farmers
10.This Bill was very controversial because it gave financial compensation to anyone who had lost/had property damage during the 1837 Rebellions... even the rebels!
11.The union of the colonies of British North America
12.Modern day Quebec
14.This Lord gave a report recommending responsible government for Canada
15.These raids were made by Irish rebels who were angry with Britain and wanted to show this by attacking Canada
16.Charlottetown, Quebec and London
17.This Church supported French Canadians and allied with Cartier's 'parti'
20.Led by John A. Macdonald, future first Prime Minister of Canada
23.One advantage of uniting the colonies would be to also create this type of transportation system to link people and aid trade

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