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Biochemistry - F212


2       3                
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      9 10              
    15 16 17                  
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          28       29    

1.A six carbon sugar
2.A reaction that joins two molecules together
4.The reagent used to identify a reducing sugars
6.The three dimensional shape of a protein
10.An example of a fibrous structural protein
11.These enzymes catalyse reactions inside the cell
12.An example of a globular transport protein
13.Many nucleotides joined together
16.The sugar in DNA
20.Energy storage polysaccharide in animals
22.An inhibitor with a similar shape to the substrate
25.A substance that must be present for an enzyme controlled reaction to occur
26.The energy required for a reaction to take place is known as the __________ energy
28.The name of the bond that forms to join two amino acids
30.Ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds, hydrophobic/hydrophilic interactions and ________ bridges make up a proteins tertiary structure
31.A non protein molecule that aids an enzyme controlled reaction. e.g. a prosthetic group
32.The sugar in RNA
33.The reagent used to identify a protein
1.A reaction that splits one molecule into two
3.These enzymes catalyse reactions outside the cell
5.Energy storage polysaccharide in plants
7.A glycerol and three fatty acids
8.An inhibitor with a disimilar shape to the substrate, acting on the allosteric site of the enzyme
9.Glucose with OH below carbon 1
14.Structural polysacchride
15.The name of the bond that forms to join two monosaccharides
17.The name of the bond that forms to join glycerol and a fatty acid
18.A five carbon sugar
19.When two amino acids join together, they become a ?
21.Glucose with OH above carbon 1
23.A monomer of DNA
24.Enzyme action is based upon the Lock and Key model, as well as the _________ fit model
27.The term for a single unit
29.The reagent used to identify starch

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