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The Royal Puzzle of English Royalty #1

Ethan J. Sullivan

1 2           3          
  4   5

2.Who is Queen Elizabeth II's (ruled from 1952-present) husband?
7.Which king had the best stamp collection in the world?
8.King George V (ruled from 1910-1936) changed the royal family's name from what to Windsor?
10.King Edward VII's (ruled from 1901-1910) mother was who?
11.What was the name of Queen Elizabeth II's (ruled form 1952-present) royal charger (horse)?
1.King Edward VIII (ruled from 1936-1936) abdicated the throne to marry whom?
3.Who was Queen Elizabeth II's (ruled from 1952-present) sister?
4.Who helped King George VI (ruled from 1936-1952) with his speech problem?
5.King George VI's (ruled from 1936-1952) title before he became king was what?
6.Queen Victoria's (ruled from 1837-1901) husband was who?
7.Which king took King Edward VIII's place on the throne, and was Queen Elizabeth II's father?
9.How many children does Queen Elizabeth II (ruled from 1952-present) have?

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