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Chapter 7

Jordan Baumann

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        14     15           16  

2.A subunit within a cell with a specific function.
4.The substance that contains all the organelles in a cell.
5.All acting influences are balanced or equal
7.Makes up the cell membrane. (2 Words)
8.When the movement of molecules doesn't require much energy (2 Words)
11.Measure of a solute in a solution
13.Process in which cells expel waste from themselves
14.Water concentration is higher outside the cell.
17.Center, "brain" of the cell. Contains DNA.
18.Water concentration is less outside the cell.
1.Passive transport in which substances pass through transport proteins (2 Words)
3.The movement of molecules using much energy (from low to high) (2 Words)
6.Water concentration is the same inside and outside the cell
8.Cell has no nuclei
9.Movement of molecules from areas of higher concentration to lower concentration
10.Process in which cells absorb molecules by engulfing them.
11.Sorrounds the cell; regulates what enters and leaves. (2 Words)
12.Diffusion of water through a membrane
15.Cells have nuclei
16.The barrier outside of plant cells; gives them the blockish shape (2 Words)

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