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Biology 2 Keywords

Mr. Newton

Find and match the definition of the keywords

1     2     3     4 5
9     10             11         12                    
    13 14       15   16 17
        20 21          
  27                                     28 29
        31     32                  
  33   34                              
36                                   37      
  41   42 43 44   45                  
              47                 48
              49       50
51                           52 53                
54                   55             56            

1.A big Carbohydrate molecule which makes up plant and algal walls
6.The membrane around the contents of a cell which controls movement in to and out of cell (2 Words)
7.A measurement is considered this if it is judged to be closed to the true value
9.Passed on from parents to their offspring through genes
11.A group of different tissues working together to carry out a particular function
12.The green pigment contained in the chloroplasts
18.Enzyme which speeds up the breakdown of carbohydrates
19.A genetic condition inherited through a dominant allele which results in extra fingers and toes
22.Factor which limits the rate of a reaction, e.g. temperature, pH, light levels (2 Words)
25.Disease which is inherited (2 Words)
27.Washing detergent that contains enzymes (2 Words)
31.The site of aerobic cellular respiration in a cell
34.The process by which food molecules are broken down to release energy from the cellsSe
35.The cells of algae which can photysnthesis but are not plants (2 Words)
36.Allowing only certain substances to pass through (2 Words)
38.A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without actively taking part
39.Reproduction which involves the joining (fusion) of male and female gametes producing genetic variety in the offspring (2 Words)
45.The site on an enzyme where the reactants bind (2 Words)
46.Specialisation for a particular function
47.The building blocks of proteins (2 Words)
49.A short section of DNA carrying genetic information
51.Where photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell
53.A simple sugar
54.Change in the genetic material of an organism
55.The diffusion of water molecules
56.An organelle found in many living cells containing the genetic information
57.A version of a particular gene
2.A product of Anearobic respiration in animals cells (2 Words)
3.Female sex cells
4.Water-based gel where chemical reactions in a cell take place
5.Breaking down food without oxygen to release energy from cells (2 Words)
6.An individual who carries a certain allele
8.A single celled organism that can reproduce very rapidly. Useful, but can cause disease
10.Protein that acts as a biological catalyst
13.An enzyme which breaks down proteins
14.A genetic disease that affects the lungs, digestive and reproductive systems (2 Words)
15.The process by which plants make food using carbon dioxide, water and light energy
16.The extra oxygen that must be taken into the body after exercise has stopped to complete the aerobic respiration of lactic acid (2 Words)
17.Containing oxygen
20.A fat or oil
21.Enzyme which breaks down fats and oils into fats and oils in to fatty acids and glycerol
23.Sex cell which has half the chromosone number of an ordinary cell
24.Breaking down glucose using oxygen to release energy from the cells (2 Words)
26.A rigid structure which surrounds the cells of living organisms apart from animals (2 Words)
28.The cells which surround the stomata in the leaves of plants and control their opening and closing (2 Words)
29.The characteristic that will show in the offspring even if only one of the alleles is inherited
30.Building blocks of lipids (2 Words)
32.A group of organs working together to carry out a particular function (2 Words)
33.The movement if subtances against a concentration gradient and/or across a cell membrane using energy (2 Words)
37.Opening in leaves of plants which allow gases to enter and leave the leaf
40.A two-stage process of cell division which halves the number of daughter cells
41.Carries the genetic information found in the nucleus of a cell
42.The characteristic that will show up in the offspring only if both of the alleles are inherited
43.Change the shape of an enzyme so that it can no longer speed up a reaction
44.Net movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
47.Name of the enzyme that speeds up the breakdown of starch in to simple sugars
48.Undifferentiated cell with the potential to form a wide variety of different cell types (2 Words)
50.A group of specialised cells all carrying out the same function
52.Offspring which is genetically identical to the parent

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