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The Human Endocrine System

Carol West

Review of vocabulary from basic tour of Endocrine system for freshman Biology.

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1.required for egg production and formation of characteristics associated with being a female
5.gland that controls the body's metabolism with the hormone thyroxine
8.gland that produces insulin and glucagon
10.hormone produced in the male gonads
12.part of the brain that directs and controls the pituitary gland
13.hormone produced in the female gonads
16.hormone commonly referred to as adrenaline
19.gland that releases its products directly into the bloodstream
20.glands that release hormones to help the body deal with "fight or flight"
21.requried for normal sperm production and formation of characteristics associated with being a male
2.gland that releases its products to the outside of the gland
3.gland that regulates calcium levels in bones and the blood
4.body system that includes glands and the hormones produced by them
6.disorder of the endocrine system in which pancreas fails to produce insulin (2 words)
7.master gland of the endocrine system; works directly with hypothalamus
9.glands that create gametes and sex hormones
11.hormone produced by adrenal glands that enhances the action of adrenaline
12.chemicals the "broadcast" message from the endocrine system
14.type of mechanism the endocrine uses to maintain homeostasis
15.gland that provides a place for T lymphocytes to mature
17.body system that controls and works closely with the endocrine system
18.organ that produces or releases a substance or secretion

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