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Edgar Allan Poe trivia

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4."The ___ Burial" plays a joke at the end on the reader.
7.A tale based on Poe's memories of an English boarding school.
8.Gambling debts forced Poe to leave this univ.
9.In this story the Marchesa casts her baby into a Venetian well: The ____
11.General John A.B.C. Smith was the man all ___ ___".
14.In sunshine and shadow he seeks for Eldorado.
15.A family cat is hung in this tale.
16.Where two women were murdered in a locked room.
20.This military institute dismissed Poe.
21.Virginia, Poe's wife, dies from this comman 19c ailment.
23.In 1844 "Doings of ___" was published.
26.The narrator has words with this ancient Egyptian relic.
27."Once upon a midnight __"
1.You don't want to be trapped under this when it's swinging.
2.It held Amontillado
3."To the -- that so musically wells From the bells, bells..."
5.She is shut up in a sepulchre by the sea.
6.Woman to whom Poe is first engaged
10.City in Maryland where Poe expired.
12.Poe's seemingly unsympathetic foster father
13."A thousand injuries of ____ I had borne as best I could"
15.A story about buried treasure.
17."The ___ of the Preverse"
18.'on yon drear and rigid bier low lies thy love, ___"
19.Poe's mother died in this Virginia City.
22.This incriminating item was purloined
24."...here, here! - it is the beating of his hideous ____"
25.He had a house that fell.

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