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6.Poor diet, along with this type of lifestyle increases the risk of childhood obesity
7.In schools, all children should be equally educated in healthy eating habits and exercise because singling out those a risk could lead to:
8.what is the estimated percent of the world's population that is carrying extra fat?
9.Along with diet and exercise, an adequate amount of this resting state can help in preventing obesity
14.Known to impact on obesity development, with girls maturing earlier being more likely to be overweight:
15.Calculates weight versus height of an individual, classifying obesity in terms of percentage of body fat
16.Since time is limited for school nurses with time spent in schools, these can be left for the staff to educate themselves and their students, as well as sent home for parents:
17.In 1990, which continent had the highest rates of being overweight?
18.The acronym for an Edmonton pediatric program for kids aged 8- 17 with a BMI at least in the 85th percentile to help with weight management
19.The realistic solution to obesity
1.How many minutes of moderate- vigorous physical activity does a child need in a day?
2.Because children do this, it is important for parents to set good eating and activity examples
3.Days that children are more active
4.In some ethnic minorities, parents may have inaccurate perceptions of their child’s weight or obesity status, due to different perceptions of:
5.Obesity increases the risk to this disease where the body can't respond normally to the insulin that is made:
7.This sleep disorder can be related to obesity
10.10% of young with Diabetes type two will likely develop this disease by the time they enter adulthood
11.In developed countries, which group is at risk for obesity?
12.The prevalence of childhood obesity among African Americans, Mexican Americans, and this group exceeds that of other ethnic groups
13.Limiting this should help children to become more active and enjoy other sorts of activities, such as playing outdoors

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