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Ancient Rome

Revision on Ancient Rome

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2.A sole ruler of several states
4.The place where people went to meet and relax; these places could hold up to 1600 people
7.A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them
8.Central courtyard of a Roman house, square or rectangular in shape and open to the sky
9.THe name of the man Julius Caesar went to war with to gain control over Rome
11.The name of the famous slave
13.A political group of three men working together for a common purpose
17.The name of the famous amphitheatre in Rome
18.Roman emperors killed these people because of their religion
19.Armed men fought in a special place for the public's entertainment
20.The Romans used an arched bridge with a gradual slope to carry water across valleys and over long distances
1.The name of the first Emperor of Rome
3.Form of government in-which the head of state is elected by the people
5.The supreme council in Rome during the Republic
6.A dictator that was murdered
10.The ordinary people people of Rome
12.Rich Roman citizens
14.The wealthier members of the plebeian class who were involved in business or tax collecting
15.A man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena
16.The Roman town square

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