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unit 4 study guide

catie and lynea

dont think we need that...

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2.President that was assasinated by postal workers
3.A republican president during the Gulided age that was known for his scandals
5.Allowed easier access to loans/cash and expanded the money supply
9.The populist that ran for president in 1892.
11.The idea that the rich had the more superior genes
12.The presidents that didn't actually change anything important
13.Old Immigration reason
14.New immigration destinations
15.The Americans that did not want the immigrants to come to the US event though they were immigrants onve too.
1.Well organized political parties that dominated city governments
4.The lowest class of people that had to go through Ellis Island
6.Organization where peoplle pool there resources to buy and sell goods
7.Paper money used during the Civil War
8.Where the immagrants had to before entering America, on the east.
10.The republicans in congress that supported reform.

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