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US History Study Crossword

Adam Krahn

Famous People and Important Terms of the Gilded Age

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1.He started the Salvation Army to meet the needs of the poor.
3.He opposed Cleveland and weakened his implimented political reforms.
6.Committed to political reform, he increased the number of federal civil service jobs that required taking a test.
7.He was assasinated four months after taking office. Because of this Chester A. Arthur became president.
8.He ran for president on the populist party ticket in 1892.
10.An idea that calls for people to apply Christian principles to address social problems
11.He wrote a book that exposed the life of the urban poor.
12.He was a political cartoonist who exposed the crimes of Tweed and Tamany Hall.
13.His term as president was characterized by scandals.
2.She traveled throughout the United States gaining support for the Alliance Movement.
4.She built Hull House, Chicago's first settlement house.
5.An idea that says that the rich have a genetic superiority over the poor
6.An idea that says that the rich have a duty to help the poor because God blessed them with wealth.
8.He started a "Laboratory School" that stressed cooperative "learning by doing."
9.Forms of public transportation on which many people travel at one time

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