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CS6 Photoshop Chapter 1

Editing a photo .... Purpose of photoshop panels

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2.to display characteristics about the file
3.to view and selet preset styles
5.to view tonal and color information about an image
7.to create and manage channels
9.to select preset brushes and design custom brushes
10.to create a sequence of images or frames
12.to change the view or magnification of the photo using a thumbnail display
14.to record measurement data about a measured object
17.to change the formatting of columns and paragraphs
19.to insert, edit, and delete notes attached to files
22.to create, load, save, and manage paragraph styles
24.to manipulate each saved pat, the current work path and the current vector mask
25.to set up and manipulate sample sourcs for the clone stamp tools
26.to display options and settings for the currently selected tool
1.to assist in navigation folders and files
4.to show and hide layers, create new layers, and work with groups of layers
6.to display color values and document status information
7.to create, load, save, and manage character styles
8.to record, play, edit, and delete individual actions
11.to save and reuse tool settings
13.to create, load, save, and manage preset brush tips
15.to select tools
16.to display multiple compositions of a page layout
18.to create nondestructive adjustment layers with color and tonal
20.to select and store colors that you need to use often
21.to provide options for formatting characters
23.to display the color values for the current foreground and background

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