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History study guide

Dylan & Tyler

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1.an house where poor lower class people lived
5.drew cartoons that exposed tammany hall and Boss Tweed (2 Words)
6.new political party formed to advance the interests of farmers, laborers and reformers (2 Words)
7.a corrupt political machine (2 Words)
14.a proposal that suggested a person with a higher income should pay higher taxes (3 Words)
15.practice of awarding civil service jobs based on patronage instead of merit (2 Words)
2.americans that don't want immigrants to come and take their jobs
3.well organized political parties that dominated city governments (2 Words)
4.committed to political reform and increased number of federal civil service jobs that required taking a test (2 Words)
8.an organization in which people pool their resources to buy and sell goods
9.assassinated four months after taking office (2 Words)
10.financial system based on the idea that a dollar was equal to a specific amount of gold (2 Words)
11.famous speech made by William Jennings Bryan that stressed the importances of gold and silver as a money standard (3 Words)
12.a form of public tranportation (2 Words)
13.a term for "big chief" used to describe republicans supporting reform

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