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Accounting 11 Review

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5.Accounting clerks deal with _________ matters.
7.Assets = __________ + owner's equity.
9.Asset accounts usually have a _________ balance.
10.Another word for owner's equity is _________.
12.Liability accounts usually have a _________ balance.
13.The 4th stage of the accounting cycle involves taking off a ________ balance.
15.Assets = liabilities + owner's _________.
16.Original papers that are records of business transactions are called _________ documents.
1.A business transaction causes a change in financial _________.
2.These types of accountants often assist the police.
3.A statement of financial position is called a __________ sheet.
4.The "C" in "C.A." stands for _________.
6.Assets are listed in order of their _________ on a balance sheet.
8.One kind of source document is a _________.
11.Things a business owns that have value are called ________.
14.T-accounts are part of the simple _________.

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