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2   3    
5   6 7   8      
  9             10      
        11 12        
14                 15  
  20   21           22
23         24        

2.2 triangles can be proven congruent by ASA. T or F?
5.can you find solution of one equation with one variable
8.sine of 30 degrees
9.longest side of right triangle
11.ratio of adjacent side to hypotenuse
13.True OR False = ?
14.one equation with 2 variables has __ solutions?
17.tangent of 45 degrees
18.side next to angle of interest
20.ratio of opposite side to adjacent side
23.ratio of opposite side to hypotenuse
24.True AND False = ?
25.can an isosceles triangle also be a right triangle?
1.cosine of 60 degrees
3.any number divided by zero
4.two numbers related to each other
6.where 2 lines cross is the ___ for both equations
7.correct answer to math problem
10.another word for infinity
12.side that is opposite angle of interest
15.instrument used to measure angle of elevation (from horizon)
16.to get rid of fractions, you ___ by denominator
19.can you find solution of 2 equ with 2 variables
20.to get rid of fractions, you multiply all ___ by denominator
21.can you find solution of one equation with 2 variables
22.numbers or variables separated by + or - or =

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