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Milady Ch 5 Anatomy

A study game for chapter 5

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12.The process of building up larger molecules from smaller ones
14.Basic unit of all living things
16.The muscle of the chin that allows us to lift our lower lip
20.How many bones in the human body? (3 Words)
21.The middle part of the muscle where massage is usually directed
22.Colorless jelly like substance in a cell, in which proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral salts and water are found
24.The muscle that wrinkles forehead vertically
25.Groups of tissues designed to preform a specific function
27.A broad muscle that covers the top of the skull
30.The muscle that draws the scalp backwards
32.Muscles known as involuntary, visceral or smooth muscles
37.Joins all the bones of the cranium together (2 Words)
39.A protective covering on the body surfaces (2 Words)
40.Hindmost bone of the cranium (2 Words)
43.Inner bone of the forearm (pinky side)
44.What determines the color of your eye, skin and hair? (2 Words)
46.Cheek bones (2 Words)
48.Found in the skeletal system and produces white and red blood cells
50.The muscle that rotates the raduis (shoulder and arm) outward so that the palm faces upward
52.Bones of the palm
53.The human smiling muscle :D
54.How many major systems in the human body?
55.Finger bones
56.The part of the muscle that contracts of moves
57.The study of structures in the human body
58.Two bones that form the bridge of the nose (2 Words)
2.A tissue that contracts and moves various parts of the body
3.It has 22 bones
5.Connects bones
6.A tissue that supports, protects and binds together other tissues
7.This muscle allows us to wrinkle our nose
8.The thin flat muscle between the upper and lower jaw
9.Where bones meet each other
10.The study functions of the human body structures
11.How many bones in the face?
13.Most cells divide into daughter cells in a process known as?
15.Covers, shapes and supports the skeletal tissue (2 Words)
17.Smaller bone in forearm (thumb side)
18.Top seven bones of the spine (2 Words)
19.Known as voluntary muscles
23.Forms the forehead (2 Words)
24.The process of breaking down complex compounds are broken down into smaller ones
26.A dense, active protoplasm found in the center of a cell
28.A collection of similar cell that perform a particular function
29.Muscle that rotates head side to side and up and down
31.Bones of the upper jaw (2 Words)
33.This muscle allows us to wink ;) (2 Words)
34.The study of tiny structures found in living tissue
35.Indirect cell division
36.It provides shape and form to our bodies, in addition to supporting it. (2 Words)
38.Sides and crown of the skull (2 Words)
39.Spongy bone between the eye sockets that forms the nasal cavities (2 Words)
41.A soluble covering that encloses the cell (2 Words)
42.What tissue is responsible for 40% of the bodies weight?
45.Bony cage that protects the heart, lungs and internal organs
47.This watery fluid contains the food material necessary for cell growth, reproduction and self-repair
49.The part of the muscle that attaches to the bone and does not move
51.A tissue that carries messages to and from the brain

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