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TECA 1303 Chapter 5-7 Crossword

  9               10   11
  12 13      
15         16                          
20                                     21
25                       26              

2.nonparental care provided for children before or after school hours or during vacations (2 Words)
4.organizations who promote the optimal development of children.
6.a curriculum that attempts to blend the virtues of purposeful teaching with open-ended, child-initiated activities (3 Words)
7.style characterized by undemanding and unresponsive parents
8.recording child's progress over a period of time (2 Words)
9.a Piagetian term for the state of balance between assimilation and accommodation, thereby allowing knowledge to be incorporated
15.a curriculum based on behaviorist principles (2 Words)
17.multiple intelligence founder
20.students working together to accomplish shared goals (2 Words)
22.compare child's performance to existing norms (2 Words)
23.a school, which is authorized and funded by a public school district, formed by a group of parents, teachers, or other community members with a shared educational philosophy
24.the idea that society should socialize diverse groups to blend into a common culture (2 Words)
25.physical guidance given to the children being raised, and more, meaning the physical learning the child must accomplish in order to progress through life. (2 Words)
26.concepts about human life and behavior
1.a curriculum that is individualized in relation to each child’s stage of development while providing many opportunities for children to interact with peers and adults (3 Words)
3.learning is individualized (2 Words)
5.sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operations, and formal operations
10.a form of communication between school and family, developed by the group of people (teacher, parent, and other involved personnel) responsible for the education of a child with special needs
11.a public school that offers special educational programs, such as science, music, or performing arts, and draws students from different neighborhoods by choice
12.also called 'assertive democratic' or 'balanced' parenting
13.favoring complete obedience
14.risks that indirectly affect the child (2 Words)
16.each student is taught the same thing and the same way (2 Words)
18.the educational philosophy that all children are entitled to participate fully in their school and community
19.preoccupation with one's own internal world
21.a curriculum based on individual self-directed learning with the teacher as facilitator; materials provide exercises in daily living, sensory development, and academic development

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