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Epic Minecraft Crossword


This is a minecraft crossword puzzle I made for the heck of it.

1         2  
6     7          
9     10                
12       13    
            14 15  
16                         17            

1.where do ocelots spawn
7.how do you get sandstone without crafting
10.what causes you to lose hunger more quickly than walking?
16.emeralds are only found in what biome
17.you may find diamonds in a
19.enchantment on a sword that increases attack
20.what item can you use to make armor but not weapons in survival
21.what minecraft achivement do you get when you first go into the nether?
22.how much iron is needed to make full armor set?
2.the only mob that is three blocks tall
3.mob that may drop iron
4.what item allows you to make animals have babies
5.what does a creeper drop when it gets killed by a skeleton
6.what is found in dungeons and used to make cookies
8.enchantment on boots that lessens or prevents fall damage
9.what enchantment is used to get ice
11.three sugar cane in a row =
12.green ore
13.what is used to used to make a fire
14.what ore other then iron and coal can be mined with a stone pickaxe?\
15.jumping puzzles are also known as
18.what lights forever when you set it on fire
21.you need wooden planks and ? to make a bed

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