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Chemistry of Life

1 2
  3 4       5      
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              32           33
35       36                

4.group of atoms held together by covalent bonds and has no overall charge
7.element that maintains blood volume, pH level and blood pressure
8.element found in hair, nails, and skin
10.element that helps muscle contraction and proper heart beat
11.substance made of atoms of two or more different element that are chemically combined
12.these types of reactions are constantly occurring inside our cells
14.a substance that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
19.building block of nucleic acids
22.element that is absorbed by throid and show activity
26.element needed for strong bones and teeth, blood clotting
27.when the stuff entering the cell equals what is going out
30.element that fights fatigue and production of hemoglobin
31.number of elements essential to living things
32.center of an atom
36.atoms with a different number of neutrons
37.positively charged particle of an atom
38.a substance that releases hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
39.element that filters wastes from kidneys
40.combination of substances that are not chemically combined
41.element that helps make healthy bone and joint functions, converts Vitamin D
42.neutral charged particle of an atom
1.examples of this include fats, oils, glycerols
2.substance that can't be broken down into simpler chemical substances
3.property of water that allows it to absorb a lot of heat without raising the temperature
5.they release energy when broken down and are made of C, H, O
6.smallest part of an element that has the characteristics of that element
9.element that accelerates the renewal of skin cells
13.area around the nucleus where you may find an electron
15.bond formed with atoms share electrons
16.element that is an antioxidant, healing wounds
17.bond formed when two ions with charges are attracted to each other
18.element that is used in sterilization in radiotherapy
20.the part of a solution that is being dissolved
21.net movement of particles from area of high concentration to low concentration
23.atoms are this because protons equal electrons
24.element that prevents anemia and neuromuscular problems
25.building block of proteins
28.all the chemical reactions within an organism
29.negatively charged particle of an atom
33.the part of a solution that is doing the dissolving
34.mixture that has the solute evenly distributed within the solvent
35.element that makes hormones, transports oxygen in the body

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