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Bible Trivia

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1.The Law of Moses came from Mount
3.The Sprit and the ____ say, "Come."
5.The true teachings sown by Christ
8.The Source of the Water of Life
12.The place a man flees who kills someone unintentionally.
13.Was considered righteous in God's eyes.
18.In the ____ year of King Josiah, the Passover was celebrated.
19.He set up one in _____ and the other in Dan.
20.The earth was ____ by his splendor.
26.The book of the Law was placed beside the ___.
28.Now the first covenant had regulations for worship and also an earthly______
29.The name of the Father
30.Thier ____ reached Heaven, his holy dwelling place.
31.The book of the ____
32._______ Feasts of Three Times
33.The name of the Son
35.The name of the Holy Spirit
36.Was given the keys to the kingdom of Heaven
40.These are destroyed when you celebrate the Passover
41.The ______ is teh day of deliverance from Egypt, the land of slavery and death.
44.Christ our Passover ____
46.The Jerusalem that is above is free and she is our ____
48.You shall have no other _____ before me.
49.This church restored Baptism
51.Burning fragrant ____ before God.
53.The other ________ commandments are for men.
54.Neither before nor after ______ was there a king like him.
55.Observe the _____ by keeping it Holy.
56.Was born of Sarah and represents the New Covenant
57.Do not ___ the name of the Lord
2.Let us make man in our ____
4.Was born of Hagar and represents the Old Covenant
6.Love the Lord your God with all your ____ and with all your soul and with all your mind.
7.This church restored the Sabbath Day
9.Our names are written in the book of _____
10.He has made us competent as ______ of the New Covenant
11.Joroboam made two golden ___
14.Fallen is ____ the great.
16.She has become a home for ___ and a haunt for every evil spirit
17.This is the first and _______ commandment.
21.The Ten Commandments were engraved on ___ stone tablets.
22.Book that contained the Ten Commandments, law of food and law of Tithe.
24.The false teachings sowed by Satan
25.Jezebels father was a priest of ____
27.When there is a change of the ____, there must also be a change of the law.
34.This man restored the freedom of fatih
35.The age after Christ ascended
36.Spreading the gospel
37.He needed a suitable helper.
38.A new ___ I give you, Love one another.
39.The first _____ commandments are the commandents about God.
42.Went up to Heaven alive
43.The Law of ____ & the Law of Christ.
45.The Israelites entered the land of _____ after celebrating the Passover.
47.Was carried away in a chariot of fire
49.cleanses us from our sins
50.God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
52.The mother of all the living

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