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Progressive Era Review

Coach Crumedy

1 2 3
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  12         13                
  15                     16  

4.Booker T. Washington founded this institution to help African Americans develop useful job skills
6.Populists fought for free and unlimited coinage of silver primary because they hoped this policy would increase _________ .
8.Author of "The Jungle". His book helped establish a system for meat inspection
10.Progressives believed that business practices must be regulated in the ______________.
12.Famous muckraker who believed that cities are unable to handle the flow of new arrivals
13.This term refers to murder by hanging
15.Believed that racism would eventually die out; advocate of separation
17.Writers who exposed the evils in American society
18.A way in which Progressive Era reformers sought to expand voter participation in government
19.Amendment that called for senators to be elected by the people and not state legislatures
20.This was passed due to a public demand for direct consumer protection
21.This amendment was a goal set at a women's convention in Seneca Falls in 1848
1.Believed that educated blacks should eventually join mainstream American society
2.Progressives and Populists both aimed at gaining greater control of the government by the _________.
3.President Wilson introduced this to guarantee an adequate money supply in the national economy
5.Lead movement against the lynching of African Americans
7.These often stole public money through overpaid contracts
9.Leading reformer in the women's suffrage movement
10.In the late 1800s, the principles of Social Gospel Movement were most consistent with the ideas of the _____; believed that the federal government should prevent unfair business practices
11.Laws that separated people by race
14.National income tax, free and unlimited coinage of silver, direct election of senators were all part of this party's platform
16.Purpose of this program's legislation was to promote the general welfare of Americans

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