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Nursing 116, Week 7-Unit 4

Kristina Parshikova

Anderson ch.14-16

3 4             5   6 7
  9 10                             11
17                                 18
  19 20                          
  21                   22          
23                   24              

1.Laws between oranizations or individuals
4.What kind of demand people ahve when they complete for food?
9.What are the principles of ethical behavior?(2 words)
12.What type of behavior bring people "too" close together?
14.When person face a conflict between two or more fundamental valuse, it's called....( 2 words)
16.Succesful manager thinks that passive behavior and avoidance belong in the work environment. (True or False)
17.When conflict surfaces repeating over the same concern of problem, it's critical to use....
19.Doctrine that determining eaht is "right" is based on the greates benefit for the greates number of people.
21.What is the third category of conflict?
22.This type of law orten is determined by expert witnesses who offer testimony on what they would do in the same situation.
23.Behavior exhibited by someone who keeps others at a distance.
24.Existence of what considered as neutral?
25.This law appplies to laws that affect the public welfare
2.This type of nursing focused on person outcomes rather than on completing all tasks.(2 words)
3.Phenomenon of natural organization.(2 words)
5.The lega obligation a person has to make compenation for an action
6.World's most successful theory in physics.
7.What type of approach people use to resolve conflict when they simply do what they told.
8.The underlying principle of this ethical theory is the concept of "to do no harm"
10.Branch of philosophy that examines ideal human behavior.
11.When conflict occurs what manager should do first with it?
13.General feeling lack of control
15.Transfering, to another person, the authority to perform a select nursing act on a select patient for that moment.
18.What kind of nursing is orderly, compartmentalized, and predictable?
20.What category of conflict have individuals who participate in a mental struggle resulting form incompatible of opposing need?

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