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The Nervous System- Part one

Spencer Williams

Pg. 113- pg. 117

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3.Cells act to destroy viruses and bacterial that have invaded CNS
9.responsible for the production of myelin around axons in CNS
10.Made up of the brain and spinal cord (encased by bone)
11.Made up of non-myelinated cell bodies of neurones (outer covering)
12.PSN cells are responsible for the formation of myelin around axons
14.The Post-central gyrus is ________ in function
16.Occupies majority of the forebrain (gray and white matter). Divided into two hemispheres
18.Myelinated axons joining right and left hemispheres
23.Axons that join gyri in the same hemisphere
26.Organs e.g. blood vessels, digestive organs, etc.
28.superior border of temporal lobe
29.Beneath the gray matter of the cortex are myelinated axons of neurones
30.Functional division of PSN. Transmits motor impulses from CNS to muscles or glands
31.Grooves of cortex
1.The Pre-central gyrus is ________ in function
2.Extension of cytoplasm, responsible for directing information toward the cell body
4.Groove which separates frontal lobe from parietal lobe
5.Responsible for receiving information from receptors (in PNS) and transmitting info to CNS
6.Subdivision of Sensory (PNS). Associated with pain, touch, pressure
7.Deep groove separating two cerebral hemispheres
8.Functional unit of nervous system. Cell performs three functions
13.white matter, pass information from one side of the brain to the next
15.Hills between the grooves
17.Fatty coating around axons that insulates the axons
19.If response is required, the nervous system sends down motor messages to respond to the stimulus
20.Conscious contractions of striated or skeletal muscles and Visceral
21.Lobe located deep to the temporal lobe
22.The nervous system processes the sensory input and decides of a response is required
24.PNS cells responsible for surrounding and separating cell bodies in ganglia
25.CNS cells act as "blood in the brain" barrier, positioned between capillary and the neuron
27.Outside the Brain and Spinal Cord

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