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8.yellow plaques of lipids deposited in the skin
9.dystocia (2 Words)
10.process of shining a light through an egg to check embryo development
11.tax order of poultry
14.cutaneous structure on the head of fowl
21.the caudodorsal portion of the neck
22.Taxonomic order of Parrots
24.gland located at the base of the tail that secretes oil for preening feathers (2 Words)
26.esophageal enlargement that stores food
28.a groupd of eggs or chicks
29.tax order of owls
30.a mite; the cause of scaly leg and scaly face in birds
34.thick skin at the base of the external nares
36.respiratory dz caused by the fungus Aspergillus
37.skin appendage suspended from the head or chin
38.a nucleated blood cell that functions in blood clotting in non-mammalian vertebrates; or the non-nucleated platelet of mammals
1.wing feathers
2.wishbone;the fused clavicles of birds
3.a polymorphonuclear leukocyte with granules that have variable sizes and staining characteristics, analagous to the neutrophil of domestic mammals
4.nasal opeing in the hard palate
5.young bird that has recently acquired its flight feathers
6.tax order of pigeons
7.the single bone formed by fusion of the tibia with some of the tarsal bones
12.voice organ of birds located at the tracheal bifurcation
13.tax order of hawks
15.tax order of waterfowl
16.growing feather with a vascular shaft (2 Words)
17.administration of medication by aerosol and inhalation
18.gizzard; the muscular second compartment of the stomach
19.having the same external appearance
20.the glandular stomach that precedes the muscular ventriculus
23.tail flight feathers
25.tax order of toucans
27.Tax order of Songbirds
31.filled with air
32.prominent ridge in stenum for muscle attachment
33.common passage for GI, urinary and repro system
35.meat chicken about 8 weeks old

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